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Editorial Board

Alexey M.Belogoryev, Deputy Chief Director for Energy, Institute for Energy and Finance;

Leonid B. Vardomsky, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Head of the Center for Post-Soviet Studies of the Institute of Economics of the Russian Academy of Sciences;

Vladimir I. Voloshin, Doctor of Economics, professor, Head of the Energy Policy Sector, Institute of Economics, Russian Academy of Sciences

Ruslan S. Dzarasov, D.Sc. (Economics), Head of the Department of Political Cconomy and History of Economic Science of Plekhanov Russian University of Economics;

Sergei S. Zhiltsov, Doctor of Political Science, associate professor, Head of the Department of Political Science and Political Philosophy;

Mikhail V. Konotopov, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Head of the Department of Economic Theory, Institute of Economics RAS;

Olga D. Kuznetsova, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor of the Department of History of Economic Sciences, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics;

Sergei Ya. Lavrenov, Doctor of Political Science, Professor of the Military University of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation;

Dmitry A. Medvedev, Candidate of Political Science, associate professor, National University of Oil and Gas “Gubkin University”

Muzaffar A. Olimov, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor of Foreign Area Studies of the Tajik National University;

Galina S. Panova, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Head of the Department of Banking, Money Circulation and Credit, MGIMO;

Mirzohid A. Rakhimov, D.Sc. (History), Professor, Coordination and Methodological Center of Modern History of Uzbekistan;

Ashot A. Tavadyan, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Head of the Center for Economic Research of Armenia;

Elena V. Ustyuzhanina, D.Sc. (Economics), Head of the Department of Economic Theory, Plekhanov Russian University of Economics;

Boris A. Heifets, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Chief Researcher of the Institute of Economics, RAS, Professor of the Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation;

Gennady I. Chufrin, Academician of RAS, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor, Head of Scientific Direction, Center for Post-Soviet Studies IMEMO RAS.

Vladimir V. Shtol, Doctor of Political Sciences, Professor, Member of the Scientific Council under the Security Council of Russia, Member of the Central Board of the Russian Association for the Assistance to the United Nations, Member of the Expert Council for the State Religious Expertise under the Office of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation for the Moscow Region.


Editorial staff:

Editor-in-chief – Azganush A. Migranyan, D.Sc. (Economics), Professor

Deputy editor-in-chief, executive secretary – Olga A. Borisova

All members of the editorial team (Council of Science Editors, Editorial Board, Redaction) participate in the formation of editorial policy, selection and expert evaluation of incoming materials, editorial and publishing process of publication of articles on the basis of a written application for voluntary membership in the editorial Board. The original statements are kept in the editorial office during the entire period of cooperation with each member of the editorial team.