Geoeconomics of Energetics

In January 2018, The Institute of CIS began to publish a special issue of the scientific and analytical journal Post-Soviet Mainland – Geoeconomics of Energetics, which presents the research of employees and invited experts on topical issues of development of the energy sector of Russia.

In June 2019, the journal was registered as an independent media outlet (certificate of registration series PI NO. FS77-75848 dated June 13, 2019).

The journal Geoeconomics of Energetics covers the questions of world energy markets, cooperation in the field of energetics and major energy-related projects. The publication analyzes the geopolitical factors that influence the promotion of national interests in the world energy markets.

Energy as the basic sector of the Russian economy forms the foreign economic point of Russia, determines the effectiveness of its national economy and ensures its status and geopolitical competitiveness on the world scene. In this regard, comprehensive studies of the factors affecting the competitiveness of the oil and gas industry in Russia, allow to form a realistic picture of the mechanisms and tools of competition in this segment of the world market.

The journal will be a printed publication and an electronic application, which will publish comments of authors and monitoring of events on topical issues in the field of energy markets, market infrastructure, energy cooperation, geopolitics and major energy-related projects.